[NEW] Super Saiyan Simulator 3 All Redeem Codes Jan 2023
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Want extra Boost and Power in Super Saiyan Simulator 3? In this post we’ve gathered the latest codes at the moment, check out the list below and don’t let the free stuff slips away!

What are codes in Super Saiyan Simulator 3

Since the game was launched not long ago, the developer of Super Saiyan Simulator 3 releases some codes for players to gain a head start. Codes can be redeemed for in-game exclusives, and currently the rewards include Power boost and Power.

Also be advised that it’s unclear how long the codes will last. So use them when you have any. All codes can be used once only.

How to redeem codes in Super Saiyan Simulator 3

If you have any working codes, you can follow these steps to claim the in-game rewards:

  1. Launch Super Saiyan Simulator 3.
  2. Enter the game. From the left menu, click Codes.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Enter code and type or paste your code. Click Check.
  4. There’ll be a message telling you if the code is valid.

Working codes

The following codes have been verified.

SFSROADTO2M1 hour Boost
SFS1HRBOOST1 hour Boost
SFSUPDATE21 hour Boost
SFSALPHA1,000 Power
SFSRELEASE2x Power Boost

How to get more codes

Currently Super Saiyan Simulator 3 is still in testing, so there’re limited channels you can get more codes. Since the official Discord is barely used, the most effective way right now is to stay tuned to the developer’s Twitter. Also if you want more exclusives, don’t forget to like the game and add it to your Favorite.

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