[New] Superhero Tower Defense Codes for Gold Jan 2023
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Marvel fans always want to have their superhero dreams come true, and that’s something achievable in the latest Superhero Tower Defense. But before you can harness the new power, check out the latest codes below to gain some nice head starts.

What are codes in Superhero Tower Defense

Codes are used to redeem for in-game items. Since Superhero Tower Defense is a new game, all the codes released are still valid so far. At the time of writing, the rewards are mainly Gold, the game currency.

How to redeem codes in Superhero Tower Defense

Once you see any codes, simply follow these steps to claim the in-game rewards:

  1. Launch Superhero Tower Defense.
  2. To the left of your screen, click the Twitter icon.
  3. In the pop-up window, click Enter Code Here and type or paste your code. Then click Redeem.
  4. If your code is working, you’ll be prompted a message including the reward.

Working codes

You can find below the complete code list at this moment. All the codes have been verified.

250mVisits 7,500 Gold (NEW)
150KLikes 2,500 Gold
140KLikes 2,500 Gold
130KLikes 2,500 Gold
200Mvisits 5,000 Gold
120klikes 2,500 Gold
110KLikes 2,500 Gold
100Mvisits 2,000 Gold
valentinesday 2,000 Gold
50mVisits 1,500 Gold
ANIME this code for 1,000 Gold
Maja this code for 75 Gold
BREN0RJ7 this code for Bren0RJ7
SnowRBX this code for SnowRBX
MerryChristmas this code for the Christmas Spidey
Russo this code for Russo
Sub2PlanetMilo this code for Plantet_Milo
Blueio this code for Blueio
Veyar this code for Veyar
Inemajohn this code for Inemajohn
Betero this code for Betero
Tofuu this code for Tofuu
Gravy this code for the GravyCatMan Hero

How to get more codes

There’ll be codes when the game reaches certain amounts of likes, and the next target is 5,000 likes. If you’re on the lookout for more codes, check out the Twitter and Discord of Superhero Tower Defense. Also don’t forget to like the game and stay tuned to this page as we’ll keep updating the code list.

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